How to Block pop-up windows or advertisements on HP Computers?

Are you literally annoyed with getting those pop-up windows in your HP computers and are looking for a serious remedy for a peaceful working mode? Then we will provide all possible quick and easy solutions to block pop-up windows.



Is there a way to block those pop-up windows?


Yes, the web browser has ad-blocking features that let you set up the filters based on your preferences. As per your choice of ad pop-up blocking software programs the capacity and the capability towards the ad blockage varies. Utilizing an ad blocker can help you with

  • Block banner ads
  • Protect from intrusive spyware downloads
  • Track website visitors
  • Block different website ads
  • Blacklists unwanted programs

Solutions to block pop-up advertisements


Solutions that you can perform to block those unwanted ads and get back your peaceful working time.


How to eliminate those pop-ups from Internet Explorer?


Internet Explorer has a pop-up blocker feature that lets you block or limit most of the scam ads. The pop-up blocker feature has a filter facility that lets you choose the frequency as well as the types of pop-ups like blocking every one of them or a particular of them alone.

When you turn on the pop-up blocker feature, the information bar of the browser displays a message called Pop-up blocked to see this pop-up or additional options click here.

  • Open the Internet Explorer and tap on the Tools button.
  • Next, click on the Internet options.
  • Now choose Turn on Pop-up Blocker check box under Pop-up Blocker in the privacy tab.
  • On opening a website and a pop-up gets blocked, if you wants to view them, you can click the ctrl + Alt button at the same time.
  • Unlike Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer has built-in features as well as pop-up blocker add-ons.

How to filter and block the required websites from unwanted websites in Internet Explorer?


As you know not every pop-ups are harmful and annoying some of them have real information for us. In that case, you can choose to filter some of the ads to display and others to get blocked. To do so, please follow the below steps

  • Initially open the Internet Explorer.
  • Then tap on the Tools button.
  • Now choose Internet options.
  • Next, select Pop-up Blocker Settings on the privacy tab.
  • You can see the Address of the website allow the box in the Pop-up Blocker window.
  • Enter the website URL that you want to allow to receive Pop-ups from them.
  • Next click Add.
  • You can just repeat those steps to add another few websites that you really want to receive ads from.
  • Click Add.

Can I block those unwanted Pop-ups in Firefox or Chrome?


  • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome allow installing add-ons and extensions.
  • Add-ons like AdBlockPlus allow the pop-up blocking feature to the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
  • Another option is to get a consultation with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Since the Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide you with AdBlocking software that can effectively block those popups.


How can I safely close those advertisements?


  • Click on the cross mark on the popup window.
  • Keep in the window not to touch on the yes, no, and ignore or any such kind of buttons.
  • Since you have no idea what the button is intended to.
  • The ignore button may or may not does is function.
  • And mostly they redirect to any other spam content or website alone.


Is there any way to block pop-ups in Microsoft Edge?


Microsoft Edge has a built-in feature that effectively cuts off those pop-ups from entering the browser.

  • Initially open Microsoft Edge.
  • Then click on the More action icon in the top-right corner.
  • In the following screen choose View advanced settings.
  • Drag the block pop-ups from off to on under the Manage My saved passwords link.
  • Keep in mind Edge currently doesn’t allow any extensions.


Ok, I have turned on those pop-up blockers and still receiving those ads, why?


Because there is a high possibility of your system being infected by spyware and adware. For blocking those ads, you have to clearly identify the software that is displaying those unwanted ads and remove them. Or if the software program is needed, you can adjust the settings of the program to prevent any unwanted or scan pop-up ads being displayed.


Always remember not every ad pop-ups are dangerous. Some of businesses use them efficiently to lets us know about important updates with their service or offers. They want us never to miss them. On the other hand, a lot of them are just annoying, fake, and suspicious ones stealing away our personal data. So as a user, we must have good knowledge to separate good from bad and you can choose to block any notifications from a particular site as long as you get that confidence over such a website.


We hope this article helps you get over the advertisement issue and help you block pop-up advertisements in a seamless way. For more information and details on the pop-up advertisements, please contact HP customer service executives to get more professional solutions.


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